Quick Join and Reticle Customisation Patch

Hello everybody, it’s time for a new patch! It will be adding Quick Join, a much requested feature that will automatically find the best server for you. Another new feature is reticle customisation, which will give you control over the appearance of your reticle.

You can read the full patch notes by clicking the link: http://lunarrooster.com/2018/07/10/sky-noon-patch-v0-5-2/0

Quick Join

The goal of Quick Join is to put players in games easier. We’ve added a button to join the best dedicated server for you, based on ping and player counts, so you can get playing right away. The server list is still around if you want to get more selective, but the idea is players are able to jump into a game quicker. It’s important to note that this isn’t Matchmaking, there are no queues while the game waits to find 7 other players with similar pings and skill levels before it puts you into a game. The goal here is to get people playing immediately and easily, proper matchmaking will come in the future.

Reticle Customisation

In 0.5.2, you will be able to navigate to the reticle settings menu through the in game settings. From the main menu, select Settings > Game. Here you will have control over which elements of the reticle are visible, along with their Size, Shape, Rotation, Colour and Opacity. Use it to create your ideal reticle, or even something that doesn’t make sense. Whatever you like!

The only limitation is that the grapple indicator part of the reticle is not yet customisable. For now, it will always be present in its typical form. If demand is great enough, then we may also add variations and settings for this part of the reticle in the future.

Here’s a few examples of what you can do with this new system.

Thanks for reading!

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