We are Lunar Rooster, a small Game Studio based out of Auckland New Zealand.

Throughout 2016 we developed a number of game prototypes and found something extremely enjoyable with “Sky Noon”. This blog and website will have updates on our game development journey along the way, including concept art, 3d models, gameplay demos, tutorials, and more.

Social Media

Facebook: www.facebook.com/LunarRooster

Twitter: @LunarRoosters

Email: team@lunarrooster.com

The Team


Alex Hodgson

Position: Technical Artist

Email: alex@lunarrooster.com

Portfolio: http://www.alexanderhodgson.com






 Chris Cullen

Position: Programmer

Email: chris@lunarrooster.com

Portfolio: chezzy500.wixsite.com/chriscullen





CartoonCraigCraig Taylor

Position: Project Lead / Programmer

Email: craig@lunarrooster.com

Portfolio: www.craig.net.nz





CartoonNathanNathan Minifie

Position: 3D Artist / Animation

Email: nathan@lunarrooster.com

Portfolio: www.nathanminifie.com





Past Members

Henry Winder: Programmer

Logan Currin: 3D Artist