Sky Noon – Patch v0.6

Our first milestone Patch from our roadmap is finally here!


  • New Gamemode: Duels
    • 1v1 competitive matches
    • Challenge friends to Sky Noon showdown
      • Initially this is a test for the game mode, challenging will be expanded in a later patch.
    • A round based mode where the first player to win three points wins the Duel.
      • Win rounds by eliminating your opponent.
      • Both players start with the same loadout.
      • The Powerup is given to both players when the round timer ends.
    • 3 Duel specific maps:
      • Standoff
      • Tinytown
      • Turbines
  • New Map: Pinnacle
    • An Ice theme map
    • This map supports: FFA, Team Elimination and King of the Hill.
    • Slip and Slide over the ice!
  • Discord Rich Presence
    • Share what you are doing in Sky Noon with friends within Discord (64 bit only).
      • Game Invites coming soon!
  • XP required to level up reduced by roughly 50%.
  • Added more custom game settings, such as friendly fire, gravity settings, item pickups and more.
  • Added a setting for mouse smoothing.


  • Added autobalance to team based modes.
    • When a player dies, they will be placed on the team with less players.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where you could get stuck in a dummy if you were moving towards it as it respawned.

HUD / User Interface

  • Reworked the podium screen.
    • It will now work better for people who use lower resolution scale options.
  • Added outlines to friendly mines and teleporters.
  • The first person arms now glow to show when a player is invulnerable.

Bug Fixes

  • Time Trial will now properly compare your time to the bronze medal on your first try.


  • Powerup audio now loops so that different Powerup durations can be used.
  • A rushing wind sound now plays when you get close to the edge of the arena.
  • New music has been added for the Duel mode.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the grapple sound repeating in menus.


  • Texture optimisations to improve performance.

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