Sky Noon – Patch v1.0

Here are the patch notes for the full release of Sky Noon! There are a bunch of polish and bug fixes, as well as some big new features such as Grappling Hook and Weapon Customisation, the new game mode Money Bags, and Time Trial Leagues. Come discuss them with us on our Discord:



  • Custom settings for each game mode (eg. match time, score to win) are now stored separately so they can be saved individually in a preset.
  • You can now earn XP in custom games!
  • LAN Servers are now supported – each computer must still have a Steam account logged in.
  • Improved start-up load times.
  • Duels
    • Added a new ice themed duel map called Icy Peaks.
  • Grappling Hook Customization
    • Unlockable through Time Trials.
  • Weapon Customization
    • Unlock skins for each weapon by getting eliminations with them.

New Game Mode: Money Bags

  • A new free-for-all game mode.
  • Players collect coins around the level. You can eliminate other players to steal their coins and add an extra 10 to your tally.
  • Players then have to wait for the Vault to open to Bank their money adding to their total.
  • First player to bank enough cash or has banked the most when time runs out wins.
  • Full custom game mode options.

Time Trials

  • Time Trials have had a facelift. They now have new Time Trial specific visuals to help direct the player.
  • Bronze and silver medals have been removed, leaving only gold and the new platinum medal.
    • For the original trials, the gold medal par times have been changed to be the same as the old silver medal times. The platinum medals are the same times as the old gold medals.
      • If you already had the gold medals in the original trials you will now have the platinum medals.
  • Time Trials are now grouped into four leagues:
    • Beginners: an easy intro to Time Trials.
    • Intermediate: The original 8 time trials with a new look.
    • Attack: Targets have been placed around the Time Trials to shoot. Each target destroyed freezes time for 1 second.
    • Advanced: For experienced players, challenging them to mix in abilities and weapons.
  • New grappling hook skins rewarded from Time Trial leagues. Earn all gold medals in a league to get a new skin. Go the extra mile and earn all platinum medals in a league to get a more prestigious skin.
  • Added a third person camera to the end of time trials, showing your final pose.
  • Added new preview gates so players can see the gate after the current one.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the player would keep running at the end of a time trial (movement is now paused).


  • Reworked the Machine Pistol:
    • Now fires a quick 3 shot burst instead of constant fire.
    • Automatic firing remains (Hold to refire).
    • Knockback of each shot increased by 118%.
      • The Machine Pistol has been in a unique place in that depending on your skill level, it seemed either too weak or overpowered. Erratic shots of the Machine Pistol didn’t do enough knockback to eliminate a player, but due to the weapon’s ability to reset velocity and interrupt grappling a skilled player could allow for almost no room to survive it. With burst fire there is now room between shots to manoeuvre, making it much less frustrating to play against. Also, with each shot being much more powerful, less frequent hits now pack more punch. The Machine Pistol still fills its tracking niche; landing every shot in the burst rewards you with a more powerful knockback.
    • Added custom game setting for number of shots in the burst.
  • Reworked the Jet Boots:
    • Fuel removed, now has a 12 second cooldown and 2 charges.
    • Upon activation you have a second of quick movement in whatever direction you press.
    • You can now fly upwards or downwards by moving forward and looking in that direction.
    • Flying speed increased by 65%.
      • The Jet Boots suffered the same problem as the Machine Pistol, but from a defensive position. Having the ability to reset your velocity at any time made slow weapons incredibly weak against a player with the Jet Boots. At the same time, Jet Boots had little capability fighting against a hit that sent you upwards, or getting back to the map from below. To solve these problems we’ve reworked the Jet Boots to be able to move you very quickly in whatever direction want, with a cooldown to balance it out. Multiple charges let you get around the map quickly, saving one for defense.
    • Updated Jet Boots custom settings to be appropriate to the rework.
  • New custom game settings:
    • Floor is lava
      • Keep your feet off the ground or you’ll be flung into the sky.
    • Time shift
      • Slow down or speed up time when you hit an enemy player.
  • Weapons that are set to have no reserve ammo can now overflow missing ammo when an ability crate is picked up.

Bug Fixes

  • Shotgun now works on vultures.
  • Pseudo-random weapon and ability lists are now reset upon match start.
  • Fixed a bug causing Boosters to never spawn if pickups were enabled in custom game settings.
  • Weapon and ability pickups now obey custom settings for weapons and abilities that were disabled.

HUD / User Interface

  • Added gamepad navigation to all menus.
  • Added a reset defaults button for game settings (HUD colour etc).
  • Social and Profile menus now hide the menus underneath them for more clarity.
  • Added ‘Invite to Game’ button in the Profile menu, visible in other players’ profiles if you are in a lobby or match.
  • Added a new keybind for gamepad only: 180 degree turn. Bound to the right stick click by default.
  • Custom preset names are now stored so you don’t need to write it again to overwrite the preset.
  • Added ‘Show Chat’ setting. Disabling this will hide chat messages if you don’t have the chat window open.

Bug Fixes

  • Correct lobby interface is now shown when joining an Open Duel Lobby.
  • Fixed hint text using incorrect images for gamepad buttons.
  • Fixed a bug where returning to the in-game menu from the social menu would allow game input while still in the menu.
  • Fixed problems with some keys not rebinding.


  • New firing sound for the Machine Pistol.
  • Added music to time trials.
  • Added win and loss sound motifs for completing a time trial and falling out of the map, respectively.