Sky Noon – Patch v0.6.1

Bug fixes and changes for the 0.6.1 patch.


  • The scoreboard is now sorted by eliminations, then assists, and finally by least deaths.
  • Open Lobbies added to the Duel Menu, you can now host a duel for anyone to join.
  • Steam Rich Presence now displays in the Steam Friends List.
  • Duel Lobby timer down to 5 seconds from 10 seconds.


  • Turbines can now fling crates.
  • Added flying Vultures to some maps.
  • Elevator added to Hightown.

Bug Fixes

  • Added outlines to the Duel maps.
  • Various bug fixes with Duel connections, including being dropped into old Duel Lobbies while playing other game modes.
  • Duel Streaks and Highest Duel Streaks now work correctly in all cases.
  • Fixed decorative physics objects (boxes, buckets etc) not being affected by weapons and abilities.
  • Fixed a bug with the shoulder barge that resulted in the player being stuck floating in the air.
  • Fixed some boxes in Homestead not having correct collision detection with the teleporter resulting in players being trapped after teleporting.
  • Added checks to make sure the grapple hook projectile and rope are correctly removed if your grapple is interrupted by damage.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the third-person grapple fire animation to not play.
  • Booster third person effects should now work properly.

HUD / User Interface

  • Added options for HUD colour and transparency.
  • Friendly and Enemy names, indicators and outlines can now change colour or be disabled completely.
  • Duel lobby updated to accommodate the create and join functionality

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Scoreboard in Duels wouldn’t show both players correctly.


Bug Fixes

  • Tiebreaker music now correctly plays in Team Elimination mode.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Steve’s melee sound to play twice.

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