Coming Soon: Duels in Sky Noon

This week we have some new information to share regarding Duels, the latest game mode coming to Sky Noon as mentioned in our roadmap. You can expect this new mode in the coming weeks with update 0.6.


Duel is a 1v1 round based game mode that takes place on very small symmetrical maps with a strict ruleset. You can invite your friend (or enemy) to a personal competitive challenge to determine which of you is the best at Sky Noon. Duels are compact and tense, allowing for risky and daring moves to ensure that the other player falls first.

In a duel, the only thing that matters is that your opponent falls out of the map before you do. If a player is eliminated, then the other player will receive a point and a new round will begin. This will respawn both players with new weapons and abilities, continuing on like this until one person has earned 3 points.

It is the typical Sky Noon experience with randomised loadouts. A major element to success will be quick adaptability to what you have been given in the face of another skilled opponent, using the elements of the sandbox properly to out play them.

Standoff, one of the special duel maps

The maps will contain random weapon and ability crates if you are unsatisfied with your loadout or run out of ammo, but there aren’t many and you must compete with the other player for them. Being able to effectively use any weapon or ability will be key to success.

Each map is varied in layout, complexity and theme, allowing for different tactics and grappling manoeuvres

If both players are evenly matched and last the full time limit of a round without an elimination, then both players will be automatically given the powerup, lasting until the round is finally concluded.


That’s the basics of the new game mode coming soon to Sky Noon. Now we want to hear what you think. This is all subject to change as we continue to test and polish, so be sure to let us know your thoughts. The Sky Noon Discord channel remains the best place to do so. If you haven’t yet, you can join through the following link:


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