Taking Flight – Whirlwinds and Vultures

It’s been a while since our last post, but fear not – work on Sky Noon is still at full speed! While there’s been a lot of work on boring, quality of life systems, we still have some fun and interesting new things to show off!


One of the features we have been meaning to expand on was the Customisation. Previously, character customisation was restricted to a select few pieces. Now we have expanded customisation to include our female characters, face customisation, and Grappling Hook and Weapons. How this customisation will be unlocked will be revealed at a later date, so stay tuned!

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A new Free For All map has come to the party. A simple farmers home, invaded by vagabonds fighting for ownership of his land, while he is locked away inside.


Here is our new Cart map, Whirlwind. The tracks circle the landmass, and in the middle, stands a towering Tornado. The tornado is a great hazard – potentially deadly. If a player is shot into it they will need to fight against the torrent of wind to escape, least be thrown to their death.

We have also added an objective indicator to the cart, so you will never lose sight of it!


Our time trial map, Canyons, has been completed. In the first image you can see the Greybox, which we presented a while back, and the final map as shown in the rest of the images.

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We have added some life to the skies of Sky Noon. Vultures circle in some locations, searching for easy prey. Little do they know, there is no easy prey in Sky Noon!

See you in a few weeks for some hefty changes we have been working on!


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