Powered Up and Ready to Go

Welcome to another Sky Noon update – we have some new maps to show you, and a new game mechanic, the Powerup!


If you have played or seen Sky Noon before, you will probably remember the super crate, a crate that spawned every minute and contained an upgraded weapon. We felt like this wasn’t an interesting mechanic, so opted to remove it and change it for the Powerup, to give players the optional side goal of possibly tipping the game in their favour.

The Powerup gives faster shooting speed and movement speed that lasts for 30 seconds, and spawns every 90 seconds. Here is a clip of the Powerup in action:


We have spent some time working on polishing the Cart game mode off, including maps! We tidied up an old one, and added a new one, called Mesa!

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Mesa challenges players to think strategically about tracks and positioning in a vertical structure, while also presenting a risky yet rewarding approach to objective based combat.


We have tidied up an old map that didn’t feel too exciting and brushed it off a bit. Here is the newly dubbed map ‘Bridge’.

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Bridge uses the well tested cart track from the old map and iterates on the design and feel of the environment, giving players a bit more awareness and all the while looking great.

That’s all the updates this time, lots of tiny things being worked on at the moment, but we are hoping to have something explosive to show off next post!

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