SXSW Gaming Expo 2017 – Sky Noon

We have returned from SXSW 2017 and what a journey it was! We met a bunch of great people, and had the chance to show off Sky Noon to a public audience for 3 days – and it was met with a positiveĀ response!

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SXSW Gaming Awards

The awards show was a really cool experience, rubbing shoulders with some industry greats and meeting a bunch of content creators from YouTube and Twitch. While Sky Noon didn’t take away Gamer’s Voice Multiplayer, we definitely did a lot better than we expected for our first nomination this early on, and the award went to the well deserving Arena Gods.

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Austin, Texas

Austin was crazy – with so many people in town for SXSW, the streets were closed, and every bar, restaurant and club was open – and food trucks were everywhere. While we didn’t have time to check out the wider SXSW event, walking around Austin we saw a lot of things going on.

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SXSW Gaming

The expo was pretty big. While the show is still in its infancy, only being around a handful of years compared to the wider SXSW event, their formula was sound and there were plenty of fantastic games on display, especially in the Indie Corner.

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Lunar Rooster

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank the SXSW Exhibitions/Awards team for guiding us while getting ready to travel to Austin for the event, and to thank Media Design School and MDS Studios for their sponsorship in helping us even be able to attend – we hope we were able to represent the New Zealand game development industry well.

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