Lunar Rooster on route to SXSW

With the last few bits of polish coming together in our current build, we are getting ready to head over to SXSW! Here’s a look into what we’ve been up to:

We’ve Been Busy!

Things have been a bit crazy getting the build ready for SXSW – and sometimes those things get broken.

Crated for Deployment

We’ve taken a look at the Crate Spawner and Crate art and spiced it up to communicate its purpose a bit better.

Crouching Cowboys

It’s been a long time coming but we have crouch!

Saloon Updates

Small map changes for the Saloon map through this week.


We’ve finished brushing up the Custom Game Lobby – the next step in here is to expand the Customisation options for the games.

“Sky Noon becomes first Kiwi game to be nominated for SXSW Gaming Awards” – Media Design School

We’ve had a great write up from our alma mater, Media Design School, on the upcoming trip to SXSW. Read it here:

That just about wraps things up. If you are heading to SXSW, we look forward to meeting you!

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