Big Trouble in Little Hightown

Been a busy few weeks for us at Lunar Rooster, preparing for SXSW and updating a lot of small things!


Check out this article from Gameplanet’s Matt Maguire on next months trip to Texas: Kiwi competitive FPS Sky Noon is up for a SXSW award


We have a new map! After a month of iteration and art assets, we are finally able to show off our newest map, Hightown!

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Menu Updates

We are in the process of tidying up the Menu – currently it is in a state we are happy with for next months event, and will look to brush it up for Gold after we return and start putting in the quality of life features the game needs.

We are also in the process of tidying our Custom Game Lobby, as it stands it is in a basic format, without updated art:

Updates and Adjustments

Like I said earlier, we’ve had a bunch of minor updates in different places, so here’s a bunch of pretty pictures!

New Dynamite Art and Throw Effect!


New Mine Art!


Teleporter Balance!


Weapon Recoil

That’s all from us this time. Next post will cover everything in our SXSW build before we head over!

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