Patch Notes v0.4.0

Who’s ready for another round of Beta testing? This time round we’re going to give you guys a helping of three game modes, Team Elimination and King of the Hill on the High Town map, and another spin on an updated Bridge map with the Cart game mode, where we’ve implemented some feedback from the last beta and would love to hear your thoughts.


  • Now tracking accuracy and eliminations per weapon
  • Also tracking eliminations per ability
  • Experience and Leveling has been added. More on this soon!
  • Removed the Elimination Feed from the Tutorial and Practice
  • Added a fade out/fade in when respawning
  • Added a Voting map selection. Dedicated Servers use this by default. Vote for two random maps and modes, or a reroll.
  • Players will now be kicked from a match if they are inactive for a minute.
  • Added match section to the social menu where you can view the profiles of players in your current game and block communication if you need to.


  • Characters now have less friction when shot by enemies
  • Modified the Jet Boots:
    • Jet Boots have 5 seconds of fuel (was 4)
    • Jet Boots now don’t boost upwards unless you hold the jump key while boosting
    • Increased Jet Boots max horizontal speed
    • Enemies caught in the backblast are now impulsed in the direction you’re moving, and impulsed further based on your speed
  • Booster maintains more velocity at the end of your boost
  • Teleporter will automatically teleport when it hits a surface
  • Balanced the Dynamite:
    • Fuse length reduced from 1 second to 0.9 seconds
    • Cooldown increased to 15 seconds
    • Hit radius increased
    • Dynamite explodes in front of you instantly when the fuse runs out
  • Changed the randomisation algorithm on crates to ensure you get more different weapons and abilities
  • Weighted the Revolver to match the other weapons:
    • Decreased fire rate from 1 second to 1.2 seconds per shot
    • Decreased knockback by 25%
    • Decreased reserve ammo to 12 (18 ammo total)
  • Mines take velocity from the player making it easier to knockback yourself with them

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Hand Cannon and Dynamite not correctly adding impulse to the player who used them
  • Fixed the teleporter getting players stuck in geometry
  • Fixed an issue where the revolver could sometimes hit more than one Target Dummy
  • Fixed a bug that caused deaths after the game ended to extend the post-game slow motion
  • Fixed the grappling hook making the Booster not boost properly
  • Fixed a bug that caused the grappling hook to fire from the wrong location if you have very high latency
  • Fixed a bug where hitting a dummy with a revolver wouldn’t reduce clip count
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player to be launched in the wrong direction if you joined late
  • Fixed rocket not adding direct hit knockback to players on the ground
  • Fixed a bug where the teleporter explosion would also happen at the position you teleported from


  • Increased the Cart speed by 20%
  • Track Changer lights are now red until they can be changed again
  • Track Changers lock for 2 seconds after being hit
  • Track Changers lock in the direction of the closest base when a tiebreaker happens

HUD / User Interface

  • Overhauled the reticle.
    • The reticle will show how far from being in grapple range you are
    • The reticle has been changed to allow players to customise their reticle in the future
    • Lasso cooldown has been moved to a bar below the reticle
  • Old Power Up vignette removed
  • Changes to your resolution or window mode will reset in 10 seconds unless you confirm

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug preventing the players Medal counts from being displayed in the Profiles.
  • Fixed spectator scoreboard
  • HUD weapon controls now correctly display weapon and ability names
  • Fixed weapon and ability controls text not changing if you change your bindings
  • Fixed control bindings and game settings not saving between game sessions
  • Fixed Mines giving hit indicators when they impulse yourself
  • Fixed an issue with the Scoreboard overflowing when a player leaves or joins the server
  • Tutorial and Practice no longer show a warning that the server will close when you leave


  • Bridge
    • Added flat layered platforms to the central hill areas on each side
    • Removed the mounds next to the team bases to make the area less bowl shaped. Ability crate is now on a lower suspended platform
    • Added small walls around the first gate on each team base for added defense
    • Added arches over some tracks that can be grappled to
    • Added more weapon crate spawners around the map
    • Added additional track indicators around each intersection.
    • Moved down the scaffolding that the power-up spawns on. Opens up more space for grappling under the Bridge
    • Raised the Bridge and connected landmass for more verticality
    • Minutemen and Cartel flags are now blue and red respectively.
    • Reduced poly count of the cart tracks
    • Reduced fog density
    • Misc cleanup and tweaks to reduce unintended collisions on the scenery
    • Lighting and scenery optimisations to improve performance


  • Power up particles overhauled to better reflect what is happening
    • Weapons now have lighting effects on the model and the shoot effects
  • Weapons now create powerup effects on every shot, not just when you hit an enemy
  • Hand Cannon Explosion effect should better match actual explosion radius
  • Added an idle pose to the characters in the Menus.
  • Added the Blurple Bandana and Blurple Hat customisation.
  • Added Steel Toe and Flat Brim customisation, with some colour variants.
  • Added Default – Watermelon set for Jaz and renamed Red to Default – Watermelon for Steve
  • Added a surprise to head customisation
  • Fix to poncho torso skin weights
  • Updated loading screen and menu image for Bridge and Hightown
  • Clouds are now masked for performance and style
  • Added third person melee animations
  • Added an off-screen indicator for the capture point in KOTH game mode
  • Added announcements for when the Bottled Lightning is about to spawn, when it spawns, and when someone picks it up

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the grappling hook to occasionally be stuck in the grappling animation
  • Fixed the grappling hook aiming poses being jerky on higher latency
  • Fixed a bug that caused the weapon pickup animation to play while the ability animation is currently playing
  • Post Process Settings should no longer affect the brightness of the game
  • Fixed a bug where medals you didn’t have were shown in the player profile


  • Added a hitmarker sound
  • Added sounds for practice dummy spawning and being hit
  • Added a sound when a player is knocked out of the map
  • Added new match ending music that is 30 seconds long (was 40 previously)
  • Added victory and defeat sound cues
  • Added looping music for when the game is in a tiebreaker
  • Modified attenuation on grapple hook sounds to make them less audible from further away
  • Added more grapple hook reload sound variations
  • Added friendly/enemy score sounds to cart mode
  • Added a hit marker volume setting
  • Added new sounds for medals

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the cart gate would play the wrong explosion sound when it was destroyed


  • Added frame-rate smoothing
  • Reduced CPU overheads by replacing certain skeletal meshes with static meshes with vertex animation to move some load to the GPU.
  • Added custom resolution settings
  • Added fullscreen borderless windowed mode

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