Beta, Airships, Lasso’s and Bots

It’s been a couple of weeks since our last update – Sky Noon is still going strong and as always we are keeping our development as transparent as possible so you can see what we are up to, so here is our latest Dev Log!

Sky Noon Beta

We are now taking signups for the Beta for Sky Noon! Head on over to the Beta page for a sign up form. If you are a Youtuber or Twitch streamer and would like extra keys for the Beta for giveaways etc, send an email to for consideration.

FFA Towers

We’ve been working on a new map for Free for All, called Towers. The idea is the map revolves around the docking towers for Airships that the Cartels use to travel around the floating islands. It’s in early stages, but here’s some screenshots:

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We’ve taken a step back and had a look at the Grappling Hook, and how the Pull function was being used along with it. We decided on altering it slightly – we love the idea of being able to pull enemies around as much as pushing them, but the way it worked on the Grappling Hook was unreliable and unpredictable. We’ve split of the functionality into a separate item, the Lasso, which behaves differently, with ultimately the same end-goal – plus you can Grapple around while you use it. Here’s a gif of it in action!

Female Character

Even though we have limited art resources and time before Sky Noon releases, we want to make sure everybody who plays can have some connection to the character they are playing. We are ensuring we offer a variety of customisation options, so players can feel unique, and in addition, we are adding a female character for players to select. Take a look at an early stage work in progress screenshot of the new Character model.


For some, Sky Noon takes a couple of rounds getting used to the style of gameplay that is offered. We don’t want players to have to feel obligated to play online against people who have had more practice, and we understand this makes it hard for players to enjoy or get into a game. So to remedy this, we will be adding AI Bots to Sky Noon, for Custom Games and Training, starting with the Free For All game mode. While the learning is slightly more complicated for the AI than a traditional FPS game, ensuring the Bots allow players to learn the fundamentals of Sky Noon is important, so when they are ready, players can hit the Multiplayer scene with Grappling Hooks at the ready.

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