Sky Noon

We are extremely excited to announce our upcoming title, “Sky Noon”!

In an alternate history, the earth has all but dried up and the Western Cartels are fighting over the last traces of water. Taking to the skies, the Cartels have started to harvest clouds for water before it falls to the earth, thereby controlling the worlds most valuable resource. Outlaws fight for control of the Floating Frontier.

Sky Noon is a multiplayer FPS but not as you know it. Just like our Skyforce prototype, you deal damage to enemies to stun them in an attempt to knock them off of the floating islands suspended in the sky. The ongoing conflict over the Floating Frontier is fast paced and hectic. Players use grappling hooks and other forms of mobility to propel themselves back to the islands to prevent themselves from plummeting to their death. At any one time, each player has a weapon, movement ability and utility ability at their disposal. Players must use these abilities in conjunction with each other to stay on the islands, while knocking others off to be the last man standing. The weapons and abilities can be changed by picking up loot creates which will randomise your load out, keeping the gameplay dynamic.

Level Design Concept
Float Frontier Concept

We are working hard in the studio to produce a playable build with a free for all game mode within the next two weeks and we can’t wait to show you more!


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