Sky Noon General Update

Hello from Lunar Rooster! The blog this week is just a quick general update on Sky Noon and to let you know that we are still working hard to bring you new things.

We are now full swing into work on new features and content. Above is the section from the roadmap that we are currently focused on. To put it briefly, that means we are working on duels, customisation and other quality of life features to improve your Sky Noon experience. In addition, we have a new map in the works! A future blog will go into deeper detail about it, we won’t leave you out in the cold.

By the end of this week will be another small patch, including the reticle customisation feature. This will allow you to change your reticle appearance following set parameters, including colour and style.

For fans of time trials, we have a sneak peek at a neat prize for those going the extra mile and earning gold medals in every trial. This prize will come later on when the systems for weapon and grapple skins are implemented.

And with that, here’s the prize! The great golden grapple gun. Once earned, you can use this lovely thing in any game mode you want.

Thanks for reading! See you next time.

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