Sky Noon – Patch v0.5.0.2

Just a quick fix! Here is a small Patch to fix a few bugs and some quality of life issues. We hope you are enjoying Sky Noon!


  • Servers
    • Fixed an issue where some players we’re being sent to spectator returning to the lobby.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a Crash that would happen when players were in a loading screen

HUD / User Interface

  • Server List
    • Servers are now sorted based on the player count
    • Shows Empty on default, so you can find servers close to you easier.
    • Due to an issue with the server list, the player count sorting had to be rolled back. Proper sorting will be on its way soon 🙂
    • Custom Games are no longer a filter, instead are shown with the Player Hosted games with an icon in the row.
  • The Time Trial UI now shows the Reset Trial keybind
    • Rebinding for this key is currently not working correctly.
  • Changed the button layout and feedback in the Customisation Menu
    • The accept button will highlight when you have made changes
  • Changed the text on the server filters to better communicate what they do
    • This is a temporary fix and we plan on revamping the server browser to improve visibility of servers


  • Shooting Range
    • Fixed a bug where the Cart could get stuck in the wall.


  • Fixed a bug with the melee audio on the characters

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