Discussion: Randomised Weapon Pickups and why we chose them

As a foreword when we mention random crates we are solely referring to the in-game mechanic of running over crates to switch weapons or abilities.


With the first Beta done and dusted we thought we would take some time to talk to you about the role of the Crate weapon / ability pickups and randomness in Sky Noon. In your feedback, we found some of you were for and against randomness and we want to lay out how our current system works and then we’d love for you to chime in and discuss this with us on our Discord.  Link


These crazy Crates


In Sky Noon players always spawn with a random weapon and ability. In order to change their weapon or ability, players can run over or lasso one of the many crates around the level.


  • Weapon crates: give the player a new random weapon, never the weapon they previously had, with full ammo.


  • Ability crates: give the player a new random ability, not the old ability, as well as giving a fair amount of ammo for the player’s current weapon.


Why did we decide to add randomness?  


Sky Noon is a unique interpretation of a first person shooter. With the push and pull mechanic we can explore unique ways of allowing players to jostle each other around. The crate system ensures that players will be constantly challenged and engaged with the game by switching play styles throughout a game as their loadout changes. We aim to make each weapon and ability fun to use, powerful. With a bit of creativity, players can combine weapon and abilities to pull off wicked combos. A dash of randomness allows us to ensure that people make the most of the toolbox we’ve created. Although the crates are randomised, players still have quite a bit of control over their loadout throughout any single match.


Give and take


As described before, each crate type has benefits and drawbacks, and by knowing these a player can manage their loadout to a degree. Weapon crates offer an easy way to refill your ammo quickly with the drawback of being given a random weapon. If a player is invested in their current gun they can instead choose to pick up an ability crate which randomises their ability in return for ammo for their current gun. By selectively picking up crates a player can refine their loadout, although they are using up time to do so. With these tools in mind, players are in effect doing on the fly inventory management as they play the game. This extra depth is entirely optional, casual players can pick up the closest crate whenever the need arises.


Your turn


This is how we currently view randomness and crate pickups in Sky Noon, however, we want to hear what you think. How did the random crates affect you experience? Do you mind randomness in games? I’m sure you have much to say and more, we would like for you to join our Discord and give us your thoughts in the ideas/feedback chat.


Crates are great! Change our minds



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