Outlaws and Gunslingers take on PAX Australia

We’ve been hard at work once again, this time for the final stretch towards PAX Australia.

Kiwi Game Starter

We were incredibly privileged to have received the Runner Up Prize in the Kiwi Game Starter competition during NZGDC last month. Thanks to the NZGDA for all your help and for the hard work you guys put into the Kiwi Game Starter and NZGDC, we had a blast!

PAX Australia

This weekend is PAX Australia – be sure to stop by and play Sky Noon at the AIS2 Booth! Also be sure to stop by the Aussie Indie Showcase Panel at 6:30pm, Saturday the 28th in the Galah Theatre to ask any burning questions you may have.



We are currently in the process of making the end of the game a bit cooler. You’ve just won a tough fought FFA game of Sky Noon on High Town in the dying seconds of the match. Why not rub it in the enemies faces for a bit? We’ll show off the final podium in the next update!


We’ve updated the Dynamite a little bit. Here’s the new material for the Cook – time it right to get it in the best spot to hit an enemy!


We’ve updated the effects to the Sky Noon Powerup – it’s lightning in a bottle!

That’s all we’re showing this time around, we hope to see you stop by at PAX Australia this weekend!

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