Explosive Return

Here’s another tasty new blog post for you – as we said last time, we have something explosive to show off!

Hand Cannon

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Here is the Hand Cannon – a projectile based weapon with splash damage, great for enemies on the ground and grouped up. Here’s a gif of some vultures feeling the full force of the Hand Cannon:

Map Updates

Clouds! We have finally added some clouds to the world of Sky Noon. We’ve also done a pass on colour tones for the maps, to make the atmosphere and feeling of each map unique.

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Menu Overhaul

The menu is currently over undergoing an overhaul! It’s a work in progress, but here is the current main and play menus!

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That’s all from us this time, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out these unedited gameplay clips we put on our YouTube earlier this month!

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